Wadi Sakit is the ancestral treasure of the Egyptians... and a unique tourist site in Marsa Alam



Skate Valley is not just a tourist destination but also holds historical and cultural value. It is believed that the valley was the home of Bishop Anthony، one of the desert monks who lived in the first centuries AD. It is said that he wandered the valley and lived in a rock cave for 20 years.

In addition to the natural and historical beauty، you can also enjoy some sports and adventure activities at Skeet Valley. You can try mountain biking or camel riding to explore the area in different ways. Rock climbing or boating in some of the nearby water areas are also interesting options.

Wadi Sakit is considered one of the main sites in the Egyptian Red Sea Governorate، and it was developed and organized to receive visitors. Basic facilities such as toilets، rest areas and simple restaurants are available in the area. You should be prepared to navigate the area with your own water and food، and be sure to pack sun protection and adequate hydration.

To enjoy the best experience in Skate Valley، it is recommended to visit it during the early morning or evening to enjoy the stunning views of sunrise and sunset. You can also organize a tour with a local guide to make the most of the visit and understand the legends and stories related to the place.

Wadi Skate is a natural gem in Marsa Alam that combines natural beauty، history and adventure. Visiting it will give you the opportunity to relax، contemplate the charming nature، and discover new aspects of Egypt